Why You Should Use Rose Water To Fight Acne

There is an incredibly sweet smelling liquid that can not only give you a fresh and alluring scent; it can treat your acne.  It is almost amazing how well this liquid works and it is something that you probably have never heard of and if you have, you probably have never heard of it as a treatment for acne.  This miracle liquid is called rose water and once you use it to fight acne, you will throw away all of those other expensive products that you have right now.

What is rose water?

Rose water is the liquid that is produced when rose petals are distilled.  When rose petals are placed in water, the essential oils from the petals mixes with the water.  When the petals are removed, the remaining liquid is the rose water.  This is the liquid that you will be using to treat your acne.

But what makes rose water so special?

Rose water is highly antiseptic and antimicrobial due to the oils released by the rose petals.  Since it is antiseptic and antimicrobial, rose water has the power to not only clean your pores but also kill the bacteria that may cause acne in the future.  Ordinary water could very easily do this too but the addition of the rose petals gives you the cleaning power of water fortified with the power of the roses.  Rose water also helps the skin heal itself by aiding in the formation of new skin cells as it removes the dead skin cells.

Using rose water to fight acne is very easy.  You can simply wash your face with your favorite cleanser and then pat your face dry.  Then by using a cotton ball dipped in rose water, you can dab the cotton ball on your face.  After waiting 10 to 15 minutes, you can rinse your face off and that’s it.  Rose water can also be mixed with lemon juice or with honey for a super acne treatment.  The lemon juice will clean your pores deeper while the honey will promote the faster growth of new skin cells.

Rose water is available in most drugstores and beauty supply stores.  Since it is used as a flavoring in certain parts of the world, a supermarket that caters to Mediterranean shoppers might even have it.